Living With Distance

The novel corona virus is scaring all my friends, and it isn’t safe to go see them, or even hug them. Sometimes I’m scared myself and need a hug, but we all have to stay in our homes alone. What’s the best thing to do when I feel alone and afraid?


Well, Isolated, I think a lot of people are feeling the way you are. No one has given us dogs a very clear understanding of what exactly a novel corona virus is—it does not appear to be related to the novels that The Human likes to read in bed, which are a good thing that involves snuggling. It appears to be dangerous and likely to attack when people are near each other, so I am thinking maybe it is like fleas. Which nobody wants. So, yeah, it is important to stay away and not share fleas. So, what to do?

Do they have dog? They should have a dog, and then they would not be isolated. We snuggle with The Human, and she does not give us fleas.

It is possible that the other way around might have happened. But certainly snuggling with dogs is the best. I have heard that many people also enjoy snuggling with cats.


Dude. Chill. You are not getting a cat. And maybe isolated has no pets at all, which is sad, but not unheard of.


Focus. For instance, Isolated might feel better if they do things to be kind to their body.

Like snacks? My body likes snacks.

Yes, snacks, but also things like putting on lotion and taking a hot bath and drinking tea and dancing in the living room. Not with the tea.

My body likes to run around and make noise and chase things and bounce and chew on toys.

Those are things that might work for Isolated, although I’m guessing not so much with the chewing on toys.

It’s very relaxing. Also, you know what is very nice? A Kong toy with peanut butter inside.

That is very nice and relaxing. Why does The Human never lick peanut butter out of a Kong? I bet she would like it even better with some chocolate chips. She seems very fond of those.

OK, Isolated, there you have it. You should lick peanut butter and chocolate chips out of a Kong.

Yes, but there are probably other things Isolated could try, like hugging a pillow under lots of blankets.

That is best if you first scratch the blankets into a nice, rumpled cozy nest.

Scrumpling blankets is very satisfying. But it’s still an all-alone thing. Maybe Isolated doesn’t have to be completely alone.

They could yell over to the neighbor’s house. I yell at the neighbor dogs all the time.

Not everyone’s voice carries as far as yours. But Isolated could probably call people on the phone or have a group chat with friends or do the thing where there are faces on the computer and you can hear people but you can’t smell them. The Human seems to do that a lot.

Humans have a strange way of being both there and not there. Like with movies and stuff.

Maybe that is a good thing for Isolated to remember. Humans somehow can be there and not there at the same time. When you are alone, maybe it is good to remember that humans are still there, even if you can’t smell them.

Like we’re here, and you can’t even smell us.

Careful, The Human said something about baths. Apparently we are easier to smell than you might have thought.

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8 thoughts on “Living With Distance

  1. Knucklehead would like to add that “work” is always an excellent way to feel good. He barks at all the strangers, and keeps the goats in the barn at night. Doing important things feels good, and mom gives him lots of praise and cookies.

  2. Perhaps humans can learn that you can be close without being physically close. I, for instance, can run around the woods far away from my human, but I always know where she is. I can feel her near me, something she calls being near in spirit — whatever spirit is! Anyway, love you guys. Keep up the good work — work that’s all us Aussies (and Border Collies) know anyway! Love, Paco

  3. Another good thing to do is to read Wombat/Dingbat posts. You can re-read old ones, which might make you smile even though you already know the “answer” to the old questions.

  4. I, Busy Izzy, suggest that the isolated human take long walks with her snuggly, smart and loyal dogs. My isolated human takes my bro, Duke, and I on long walks when no one else is out, like 5:30 in the morning. Walking seems to make our isolated human quite happy and sweaty!

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