Sheltering and Stressed

I am so stressed out
and I don’t know how to relax since I’m under a shelter in place order. Please
advise. How do you guys stay sane? I am so worried we won’t go back to normal.
And I don’t know how much longer I can take this. My anxiety is so high right
now. And I’m having trouble sleeping.

–Super Stressed

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Talking with Strangers

Dear Wombat and Dingbat:  Like you, I often “perform” (teach) in public, but unlike you, I’d really prefer just to be home alone. I like being with people when I’m teaching, but when I need to be in large groups socially, people expect me to be the same talkative, outgoing person I am when I’m teaching—but that’s a performance, not real life. In real life, I find it difficult to talk to people in social settings. So my question for you is, how do I overcome my social anxiety and learn how to just be comfortable talking to strangers? –Homebody

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