Looking for Empathy

I am very sad. My dear Tuffy Cat, who is 15 years old, is very, very sick. I have to take him to the vet on Monday but he won’t be coming home alive.

Some of my friends are telling me, “it’s just a cat! You have 2 other cats! Why are you so sad?”

But Tuffy Cat is a loving, sweet, gentleman kitty, and has been my close baby kitty for all these years. He loves me best, and I love him, and I will so much miss him when he’s not sitting on my lap or helping me on my computer, or telling me to give him treats in the morning when I’m lying in bed. When I was so sick just a while ago and had to stay in bed all the time, he was right there with me keeping me company.

How do I explain to my friends that I am very sad, and will be even sadder on Monday, and for a long time after that? Heck, I am still sad about the first kitty ever who I loved when I was 8 years old….and Tuffy dying will make me really sad all over again. My friends telling me this don’t have a Wombat or Dingbat or a Tuffy in their lives. I’m sad for them, too…..

Thank you. And I hope you get all better soon.

–Very Sad

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