The Human

The Human is called Lynn Ungar. She spends far too much time on the computer when she could be playing with us, but she keeps us in snacks as a minister with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, which is an online church for people who share our dogly values of loving everyone and thinking for yourself. She also teaches people to teach their dogs.

We compete together in the dog/human sports of obedience, agility and canine musical freestyle (dogs and people dancing together). Because we want our human to be happy and well-adjusted, we also allow her time for human hobbies of singing, contra dancing and learning to play the mandolin, which is quiet and not too annoying.

We are not the only writers in the family. Lynn writes poetry and other things, which you can learn more about at her website. We live in California, and we have a Kid, but she is mostly grown up, and not interested in advice from us or anyone else.